Reduce loss and strengthen hair with this all natural remedy!

Whether you have short or long hair, whether you are a brunette a blond or a red-haired beauty, you will encounter this problem. It can be due to a less than healthy diet, too much handling, or sometimes it may be seasonal…hair loss can be a very serious matter. I am not referring to alopecia,…

The 8 essential oils I cannot do with out, and neither should you!

The 8 Essential Oils you should have in your home Although I purchased essential oils from time to time in the past, mostly to add to my diffuser, I only really fell in love with them over the past two years. As an avid believer in natural remedies, and passionate researcher of alternative options for my […]

the 3 things you MUST start doing for your skin today

How many posts have you read with a similar title? How much advice have you actually followed-through on after reading the articles? It sure is a fun pass time to scroll through your feed and only read the titles… but perhaps you should give this one post a chance. You might already be doing all…

Why so many people are switching back to soap bars!

I would like to share this post with you which previously appeared in THESKIUREIN blog… I have to admit I am a convert. Read on any you will understand why. Oh yes…you can also take advantage of the promo code you’ll find! We have heard this time and time again….if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….

The Benefits of Neem for your Skin

I was recently invited to write an article on skincare by the Fix Your Skin website , and was more than happy to comply! Want to find out more about Neem and skincare? Read below! A true “wonderleaf” we should be including in our beauty routines. – Neem (Azadirachta Indica). Not many people have heard of neem,…