5 lifestyle tips for new moms… yes you can!

In my series of guest writers, I would like to introduce you to Jessica O’Day. Like many new moms, Jessica struggles to keep a healthy balance between her needs as a woman, and working mom,  and her baby’s non-negotiable needs.  Jessica took some time off her busy routine to share with us how her life has “not” changed since having her baby. She happily shares with us 5 easy to steal lifestyle tips now that baby is here!

5 things in my beauty/style routine that haven’t changed since becoming a new mom

blanket-3241746_1920.jpgYou can read all you want, but there is a lot about motherhood that is really hard to prepare for – unfortunately. I would have loved to read, take classes, join a mommy-to-be group, but life just wasn’t going to let that happen. During my pregnancy, both my husband and I were in Grad school. I was commuting 2 hours round trip for work. My husband was a college football coach – meaning he worked 24/7.

After baby, the changes didn’t stop, my husband took a new job, and we moved to a new city just as I was returning to work after maternity leave.

Everything in your life will change after baby. You will never be the same, but you will never be the same in the best possible way.

To help you keep your sanity through all the crazy, wonderful moments, take a look at my top 5 beauty/style tips that will save you time and help you maintain emotional stability.

eye-2153580_1920.jpg5. My beauty routine is super low maintenance. I have never worn much make-up, but this is a blessing in disguise when baby comes along. I miss eyeshadow, but I just make sure I curl my lashes and layer on gobs of mascara – makes you look like you haven’t been up feeding a newborn every two hours…all…night…long!

4. Face primer will be your new foundation. Forget dabbing on foundation and blending and making sure you don’t have the nasty jawbone line. Get an illuminating primer with SPF. It will help protect and enhance that motherly glow.

3. My new found love for leggings. I used to be completely on board the “leggings are not pants” bus…then I bought leggings. It started with making sure my top was long enough to cover my butt, and I transitioned quickly to, “I don’t care, as long as you can’t see my underwear, I’m wearing leggings.” Running tights are a good trick as well. You may need a larger size post baby. Don’t fuss about this, you just brought new life into the world, the awesomeness of which you will struggle to wrap your mind around 🙂 Throw on a tee and take on the day or a dress and head to work!

ballerinabun2. Rocking a ballerina bun. Dry shampoo and three day dirty hair are saved by a classic top knot. Reapply a little dry shampoo and brush your hair into a high ponytail, then wrap it around in a bun. For the best look and hold, I use a combination of hair pins and bobby pins…and a good shot of hair spray.

1. Dry shampoo = life. I discovered the advantages of this oh so wonderful beauty invention a couple years ago. Ladies, part your hair in a couple sections, spray, comb through, and conquer the day.

baby-165067_1280You will most likely experience some swelling after giving birth – this shocked me – hello cankles. At some point, your hair will start to fall out. If you are breastfeeding, you will wake up one day, with what a good friend of mine called, “someone else’s boobs,” and more curves you aren’t used to. Again, you brought new life into this world, babies won’t stay babies forever, so be kind to yourself, have patience, and snuggle the crap out of your little sweetie…speaking of, I hear a little voice calling my name<3

Jessica O’Day

Jessica’s Bio

fam17Jessica O’Day is a born and raised Midwesterner where she currently resides with her family, husband John and son, 8-month-old J5, as he was affectionately nicknamed.

Busy or not, Jessica has always been interested in the simple life, and while taking on motherhood that has proved to be a great advantage.

Jessica loves running, dance, and strength training. She also has a career in higher education, the passion of hers that pays the bills!

To contact, please email jess.trautman@hotmail.com (it’s her maiden name, changing email is too complicated) and follow on Instagram @jm_oday

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