Beauty In The Small Things

download (2)The Wonders in Wellness Blog is a place where wellness and beauty come together. We often hear the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and this cannot ring more true! I also believe, the better we feel about ourselves the more beauty we see in our surroundings. It becomes a positive cycle simply because beauty brings up our spirits and wellness allows us to see things as they are.  download (4)

So when I read this post by wellness blogger Jennifer Chapdelaine, I immediately knew I had to share it with my followers because it is exactly how I feel: looking at the world through the eyes of a child can teach us so much!

The post firs appeared in Jennifer’s Wishing You Wellness Blog.  All photos used are taken by the author.


The most valuable lesson that photography has taught me is to see beauty in the small things. 

download (3)When I first learned how to use my new camera I was constantly searching for photo opportunities. I tried hard. It took time but eventually I found new perspectives, praised bad weather (think dramatic clouds, rainbows, rain drops on plants), and spent so much more time outside.  I started recognizing beauty in the simplest of ways. No matter where I am, or what type of grand scenery I am a part of, I make sure to slow down, and look down. This was learned behavior, and I owe that to my photography hobby. I make sure that I don’t pass by the flowers, or the dew drops on a spider web, or a puddle of water reflecting the passing storm in the sky. These are the most precious little gems and I will never take them for granted.

Recently, while babysitting for a neighbor, I found myself in the company of a three year old. While walking down the sidewalk, he squealed with excitement for the simple fact that he found two bugs.  One was bigger so of course he called that one the “mama bug.” download (1)They didn’t do anything amazing, but he was SO amazed. We sat and watched them for a solid 25 minutes, talking about them and how many legs they had. We “helped” one flip over off of its back with a stick. I realized that most of us would have never stopped for that. This three year old was observant, and curious, and he looked down.

Photography is my link back to that childlike curiosity. After years of using a camera I realized this: That I’ve often sat in the woods to watch animals, rested on the ground so many times to see things differently, bundled up in storms to go see what it’s like.. I have become curious again. I’ve looked “weird” in public trying to get a different angle for a photograph. I have spent so much more time in nature. I’ve been more observant and that has shown me so much beauty, in such small ways. IMG_0344

Beauty in the small things by Jennifer Chapdelaine



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Live Well! Live Healthy! Enjoy the Journey!

Barbara C.

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