How Would you Classify Your Skin Type?

We all think we know the type of skin we have, but if we look closer, we realize there  is more to it than we think. Whereas we may think we have “normal” skin, in reality, it always tends to be what we identify as “oily” or “dry” skin. Then, are we using the right products for our skin? Are we seeing any results? pexels-photo-206509

How do we know? Easy….

Dry or Oily Skin?

Dry skin will usually have the following characteristics:

  • an uneven tone
  • some visible capillaries
  • flakiness

An ideal skincare option for dry skin should containe oils rich in oleic acid, like the Ingenium Nautals 100% pure Tsubaki Oil. The Japanese beauty oil for hair and skin has been used for centuries, acting as a transdermal carrier of cell rebuilding nutrients and bioactive compounds (collagen and elastin). Tsubaki.jpg

This Oriental gem can be essential in repairing damaged hair, skin, and nails caused by dryness, aging, and environmental elements such as sun exposure and pollution. Its numerous anti-ageing polyphenol antioxidants provide wholesome, all-natural nutrients to the hair and skin, helping minimize the effects of premature aging.

It can be used on its own, or added to an all natural hydrating cream such as the Argan Nourishing Facial Cream. Made with some of the highest grade ingredients available, our Argan Nourishing facial cream with Vitamin E envelopes the hydrating virtues of the purest 100% Moroccan Oil and Jojoba Oils, and the delicate yet nourishing benefits of the aloe plant.skincreams.jpg

Oily skin on the other hand….

If you have oily skin, oils high in oleic acid should be avoided due to the fact that oily skins already generally have a higher oleic acid content.

Despite what you might think, there are skincare oils that are known to be beneficial to oily skins as well. 

Jojoba Oil for example is extremely light, and the nearest in molecular structure to our own natural sebum.  It is the perfect carrier oil for oily skins, as it tricks the skin into FullSizeRender (12).jpgstopping the overproduction the sebum.  It is also ideal as a carrier oil for essential oils (especially if you like experimenting with adding essential oils to your skincare products) as essential oils cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and are more effective in a carrier oil like jojoba.

How can you identify oily skin?

  • it is more prone to visible pores and breakouts (of varying degrees)
  • has areas of pigmentation, especially obvious n the summer months

Adding a couple of drops of Jojoba Oil to the Ingenim Naturals Revita Purifying Citrus Cream  will also provide your oily skin with the nutrient rich benefits of jojoba oil, aloe vera and the addition of vitamin C and vitamin E. Revita Purifying Citrus Cream contains gentle essential citrus oils that act as purifiers on congested skin, that aid in providing and retaining skin moisture, while reducing the appearance of age spots.

So, whereas you may think you have “normal” skin, it’s the above characteristics that will determine if it’s normal to dry or normal to oily… or simply dry or oily. If you know the importance of balancing your skin’s sebum production it is essential you make the right choices when purchasing skincare creams or facial oils. If not, you will be fighting an up hill battle.

skin care product.jpg

Live well! Live healthy! Enjoy the Journey!

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