An Idea To Spoil Yourself With Luxury

Why wait on others to buy us what we want?

Here is an idea….use this amazing 30% promo code from the Ingenium Naturals Wellness and Beauty Shop and spoil yourself rotten!




If you are uncertain of what to buy, this is a suggestion I have. Made with all-natural papaya extracts for an anti-aging and rejuvenating effect…..this is truly the right combo. Vegan, all natural, non toxic skincare? Yup…

Rejuva Line Rejuvenating Essentials 

The Rejuva Line Rejuvenating Essentials provides skin with the numerous virtues of the papaya plant. The rejuvenating products in this line will gently and naturally lighten skin while simultaneously minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

The essentials value pack offered by the Ingenium Naturals Wellness and Beauty Store includes: 

Rejuva-Net Papaya Cleanser
Rejuva-Net Papay Exfoliate
Rejuva Papaya Cream

The antioxidant power and natural oils, combined with the addition of Vitamin C and E,  leave your skin feeling luxuriously pampered and protected from the harsh daily challenges it is subjected to daily.

Ingenium Naturals Skincare Line

Are these products right for your unique skincare needs? Probably.

Thanks to their natural ingredients these products are versatile and safe for most skin types. The Rejuva Papaya Cream is high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its anti- aging and age repair effects will help smooth out fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores.

use promocode : cybernaturals30 for a 30% reduction on your purchase AND Free shipping over 50$ spent – valid nov 23-28

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