The to-do lists can wait. Why you need mindfulness in the 21st Century.

Being in the moment

This is a difficult one dear readers. Being in the moment is so much more challenging than it sounds. yoga-1284657_1920.jpg

This art extends to mindfulness , or meditation, and it is no secret that people take years to master it. Try laying on your bed with your eyes closed, focusing only on you. Feeling heavy in your body, how it feels touching the surface of your bed, the tingle in your feet. Then,  you suddenly remember that email you did not reply to, or wonder if you paid that credit card bill on time.

It is incredibly difficult to solely focus on the moment you are experiencing because society has taught us that doing one thing at a time is not productive.

However, studies have shown, time and time again, we must practice mindfulness on a daily basis in order to be able to function in our modern society!

This is where your motivation must lie

All you need is 15 minutes a day, but you can achieve results in as little as 5 minutes, and young-woman-2194044_1920as long as you have a quiet corner it can be practiced anywhere. I use the word “practiced” simply because practice does make better. Even the most experienced meditation masters will say it took them years to master this art.

What you can achieve through the practice of meditation

Numerous studies carried out by prestigious Universities list a variety of ways mindfulness can benefit your health and well-being.

Meditation can….

  • help improve concentration
  • help improve self-awareness
  • help increase happiness and improve mood in general
  • benefit cardiovascular and immune health through relaxation
  • help improve weight-loss efforts
  • benefit and improve cognitive ability ….

The benefits are truly endless…  The following info-graph, generously shared by Emma Seppala’s Phd website, clearly highlights the changes that can take place in your life when practicing meditation.



meditating-1894762_1920It is therefore no surprise that mindfulness is being progressively introduced in schools at all levels. Some forward thinking elementary schools have even taken the step to replace detentions with mindfulness classes. Others have added in-class meditation to their daily routines, with proven benefits for children, parents and teachers alike.

What you can do to start your journey

  • There are numerous apps that can help in the process, one I like using is 10% Happier . This is an app with a series of free audio guides to meditation, as well as additional options for a fee.
  • If you have the time, start with a yoga class. Most studios also offer meditation classes with true and tried instructors.
  • Add an essential oil to your practice. Some pure essential oils, like lavender, frankincense, clary sage, and roman chamomile can all contribute to a sense of calm. You can also use an essential oil blend created just for the purpose of Esprit-Front-Web.pnghelping to de-stress the mind, like the Ingenium Naturals Esprit Blend
  • Maintaining a sense of calm after the practice is very important. A highly effective 100% natural go-to wellness tea can support that feeling of well-being. The Wellness Tranquility Blend is a must in this sense!

Use promo code: wellness20 for a 20% reduction

at the Ingenium Naturals on-line wellness and beauty store.

Consider your day to day and beyond

yoga-in-the-dandylions.jpgIf we want to look at the larger picture, “mindfulness” also extends to the time you spend with loved ones, the movie you are watching, the song you are listening to. Living and expereincing the moment, focusing on what you are doing, can all contribute to that sense of well-being we all aim for.  All the more reason to take the time your mind so desperately needs in order to regenerate and be able to provide the people around you with the same peace of mind you strive for yourself. The to-do lists can wait.

Barbara C.

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