if you are a woman over 30 please read this…

Ladies….we’re in trouble. I don’t want to instil fear in you, but….we are getting older.  The good news is, there is something we CAN do about it.

I always profess the fact that it is pointless using skincare creams if you are not doing anything from within. You can apply the most expensive, clinically studied, serum or cream on your face…but, if you keep eating things that are bad for your skin, the results will be inconsistent and far from what you expect.

womhealth1We first see signs of aging on our skin, then we see the effects on our bodies….and finally our greying hair. Although there is not very much we can do for greying hair, there is so much we can do for our skin and our bodies.

This is what happens….

pexels-photo-188691By the age of 30 skin starts becoming less elastic and slowly begins its thinning progress due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin levels in the skin. You may find your skin begin to get more arid, as well as pores becoming more evident.

By the age of 40 you might begin seeing deeper wrinkles and lines along the corners of your eyes and forehead. The loss of elastin brings to slightly sagging skin. Some women may experience outbreaks due to the decreasing level of estrogen, as well as realize their skin is becoming increasingly sensitive. grey_girl-872149_1920

By the age of 50  you might find your skin more granular, as well as see an increase in sun spots. At this point the wrinkles will have called your skin home…and gravity will be increasingly difficult to fight.

Did I put a damper on things? No worries….really.

It is essential you establish a lifestyle that will help in the process. No need to accept it gracefully….no need to fight it either, enjoy the journey you are destined for all the while making the best choices for YOUR overall wellness.

FullSizeRender (15)If you are looking for an all-natural skin solution to add to an already existing product you enjoy using, take a look at this featured product by Ingenium Naturals (20% off now!)

Want to know what you can do for your body….

  • Start with looking at the ingredients you use when cooking. These are just as important as the ingredients in your skincare products. Take a hint from these amazing food swaps the entire family will love. For instance did you know you can substitute cauliflower for rice, and and avocado for butter?
  • greenteacupPerhaps you need to drink more of the right thing? Add green tea to your daily routine , it is packed with antioxidants and helps you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Maybe your body is begging you to move more? Discovering a new physical activity in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s is something you will not regret. Believe me, I went back to yoga in my 40’s and so much has changed for me on a physical level.

Our general wellness is a a result of our combined choices. The foods we eat, the products we use, the lifestyle we lead. Wellness is not a utopia, but something that can be achieved by educating ourselves about what works for our unique needs. As we age we must make more of an effort to accept the things we can’t change, all the while knowing that we can still make a difference in choosing how to lead our lives.

Barbara C.

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