Can happy thoughts be an essential part of your natural beauty regime?

Did you know that thinking happy thoughts can make you look more beautiful? A positive outlook on life CAN reduce your frown and your wrinkles, it CAN add a spark to your smile and a twinkle to your eyes. But is it really true?

Read on to discover how attitude and basic changes in your routine can lead to a more positive outlook on life, and yes….better looking skin. 


Is your glass always half full or half empty? You see, this might be your problem.

Cognitive behavioural therapy believes negative attitudes are unhealthy modes of living learned overtime. We have to train ourselves to start thinking positively again,and this can be done through various means. From visualizing yourself in a better place, to  not using words with negative connotations.

There are a few ways we can do this.


This is something you can do pretty much anywhere at anytime of the day. Your objective is to sit quietly for 5 minutes everyday in a clam meditative state and visualize yourself in a situation of warmth and happiness.

This state can be helped with the use of certain essential oils, or smells aimed at triggering the stimulation of serotonin in the brain…the happy hormone.

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This essential oil blend, or a simple high quality pure lavender or chamomile essential oil can really make a difference in how your mind perceives this quiet time.

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When we are stressed, the muscles in our bodies tense up, including our facial muscles of course. Stress causes frown lines,which in turn can become permanent wrinkles that no miracle cream will remove. Sure we can reduce the look of wrinkles with an excellent cream….but none will actually remove wrinkles.

So why not try and limit their formation by learning to de-stress?


How many of you are prone to pimples or breakouts when undergoing a stressful situation?

Although acne is primarily caused by hormonal imbalances, when stressed, the body produces excess stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.

Stress can also often become a trigger for psoriasis or eczema breakouts, and both these conditions can be made worse by stress. According to the Psoriais Foundation, psoriasis is independently associated with stress-related disorders.

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adrollweb4Maybe 5 minutes are not enough for you? Then turn yourself off from the material world for 10 minutes, or 15.  Sit cross legged for 10 minutes listening to your own breath…stop thinking about you deadlines, or the laundry, or homework…for only 10 minutes a day.Inhale and exhale. Letting go of your thoughts will calm a stressed and overtaxed mind and body and give you a better perspective on your day.

Getting in touch with yourself makes you more self aware of your inner feelings and allows you to identify different emotions. Once you have figured this out, you will be a much better person for the people around you as well.


SS_Yoga-on-grassStudies have shown that after the age of 35, brain cells die off at a rate of 100,000 per day and are not replaced. Mediation can reduce this decline as it can change the vibratory make-up of the mind. It actually helps preserve the brain in ways science previously did not think possible. People who meditated over a 20 year period have more grey matter than people who do not. The effect is not localized in certain areas of the brain, but rather widespread throughout the entire brain! As a matter of fact, its effects rival antidepressants and anxiety medication!

A popular all-natural herbal blend you can use when you need to de-stress, or to tranquillityaccompany a meditative state is the Wellness Tranquillity Blend  . This highly effective herbal tea contains herbs traditionally know to bring on a calming effect: roobios, chamomile, linden, passion flower, lemon balm, verbena, anise, cinnamon, oat straw and hops, as well as strips of orange….a combination of nature-derived ingredients you will absolutely love! Use coupon code: teas20 to receive a 20% reduction on your tea order.


Becoming over anxious to the point that fears and worries overcome your life is a scary thought. Yet, this happens to almost all of us.

healthy-happy-womanMind wandering has been associated with being less happy, a worried mind depletes energy levels, an essential component in maintaining youthfulness. 

Start feeling good about yourself and you will radiate an inner beauty – age will not be able to take from you. Negativity brings us down….it makes us look old…and combative. 

Learning to be happy within yourself, having an optimistic nature will not only help with that youthful glow we sometimes strive to hold on to, but will ensure our mind does the same.

So let’s turn that frown upside down. Let us take the time to reflect on what makes us happy.

Think happy. Be happy. This is the secret to a natural beauty regime.

Barbara C.

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  1. Whitney Victoria says:

    Perfect. I love using mindset for more than just emotional well-being.

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