A #madeincanada Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I am a mom of 2….yup! A  smart and very creative 12 year old beautiful girl, and a 14 year old affectionate and witty boy. Every time there is an occasion….to buy me a gift…. They ask…but I rather leave it up to them and their creative imaginations. They are now old enough to tell their dad what they would like to buy mom for Mother’s Day, and not the other way around.

But,  if I were to let them know what I would like this year…this is the list I would give them.

Also, in this post, I have decided to feature only Canadian, and mostly local companies….

1. Yoga classes at Moksha!

I recently returned to practising yoga after many years, and I have fallen head over heals with the feeling it leaves me with, every time I practice. There are so many wellness benefits to practising yoga that I cannot begin to list them here. I did post about it in a previous blog however…so click here if you’d like to read about my recent personal experience with yoga.

IMG_1928-300x192One thing I would ask for as a Mother’s Day Gift is a membership, or at least a few classes worth, at the one and only Moksha Studio in the West Island in Montreal!

Even if you have never practised yoga, but you know the person you are purchasing yoga classes for may benefit from its calming yet incredibly beneficial effects, you have to consider this option! It’s quite unique as a gift and it may encourage the person you love to get into shape, or begin thinking of embarking on a wellness journey that will benefit mom, and probably the entire family 🙂 ! You’ll find all the info you need on their website, and if you don’t, give them a call or drop by, there are amazing individuals working there! I also love the fact that they give so much back to their community with karma classes and a variety of fundraising events.

You will also find Moksha studios throughout Canada and the USA…here is a link for you if you don’t live in the Montreal area.

2. Meals that Matter

How many times do you arrive home from a busy day and just don’t have it in you to cook a meal? How many times to you guiltily put a frozen pizza in the oven and call it a day? Well, there is a solution I believe you will appreciate immensely!1429218921.png

This incredible Montreal-based meal prep service will provide you and your family with healthy and comforting homemade meals. Kelly and Paula will deliver to your door step Tuesdays through Thursdays….all you need to do is go online and order your preferred meals in their classic menu options.

There is really something for everyone….meat lovers and vegetarians a-like! Their prices  are reasonable, and considering you don’t have to cook, nor clean up…well, what else can I add?

Meals that Matter also offers gift certificates and catering services for office meetings and events. Besides the delicious food, I also love the fact I can support an environmentally conscious company, that recycles and composts everything they use.

3.Chocolat Favoris Chocolats-Favoris-0012

….because who doesn’t love chocolate, right? If you have never tasted chocolate from this Quebec based company you have been missing out my dear readers. Believe me when I say you will not regret purchasing this mouth watering authentic local product! The Master Chocolatiers work passionately in preparing some of the highest quality, handmade chocolates offered in Canada today. They offer gift baskets and gift certificates, both in their stores and on line.  Mom is sure to love these… and I bet you will too! We’ve also read the research about how all those amazing antioxidants do us well! Do we need any other reasons?

4. Natural Skincare by Ingenium Naturals

16228845_825210664283827_7980179081419292672_nWhat woman does not love receiving beauty products as a gift? If you have a health conscious mom, keen on taking care of herself naturally, without the addition of all those “nasty” ingredients normally used by the big brand names, then these are the right products for her! The Ingenium Naturals Line of all-natural, handmade, small batch, vegan, cruelty free beauty will surely impress her and have her looking gorgeous too! Ok….full disclosure here, this is my shop 🙂 

5. Books! Books! Books!

Ok, these are not necessarily made in Canada, but my favourite book store is Canadian, so that should count for something.

Books_for_Wanderers_FeaturedHow much do I love to read? You have no idea how many books I can gobble up in one year. My interests vary, and surely I like some more than others…and some not at all, but I need to have at least 3 books on my night table at any given time. My family knows this of course, so I can always count on a gift card from Indigo, and although I love to browse the brick and mortar stores, the on line store often has amazing on-line deals, including free shipping (so keep an eye out for this in the next few days!).  Also, a gift certificate to an Indigo store can buy much more than books….they have a variety of gifts mom will be able to choose from.

6. A tan? Yes….you read correctly!

We all know how sunbathing is becoming increasingly dangerous for our skin, and tanning without  good quality skin protection can lead to skin cancer. The alternative? T.A.N – I’ve actually never experienced a spray tan, but the enticing description from this luxury  tanning boutique on the West Island of Montreal has convinced me to add them to my TAN-LOGO-FULL-BI-COLORlist! This is what their site says, “T.A.N is Montreal’s First Sunless Only Boutique! We provide a way for people to look and feel the way they want, without harmful exposure to UV rays. The entire boutique is dedicated to Airbrush Tanning and serviced by Experienced Certified Technicians. We are revolutionizing the way people T.A.N by creating a quick, simple and enjoyable experience all while using the finest Eco-Certified Organic products on the market.”  They also provide a Mobile service around Montreal…and you can purchase gift certificates and memberships on line. Can’t wait to get my tan on before summer!

Following up!

I will keep you posted should I receive any gift cards from my top 6 choices….and perhaps provide you with a more detailed review. As a mom, I know what I would like, but sometimes it’s not so obvious for others…..hint, hint… 🙂

Barbara C.

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