To tea or not to tea? Why you should be drinking tea everyday…

I know I try my best to make the right choices for my health everyday. It’s not always easy because temptations are everywhere! What do I do in these cases? Well, I am human, and I do not have an iron will…so I do give in from time to time. When I do this however, I try to balance out my day with a better food choice, or perhaps add 15 more minutes to my walk….or add an extra yoga class during the week. This not only supports my routine…but it also makes me feel less guilty for “cheating” myself.

area4 tea 522x376One of the basic choices I make everyday for my wellness journey is to drink tea.

I know this may not be for everyone, because some people just don’t like tea (I’ll give you some suggestions of how this can be overcome later on in the post), but adding just 2 cups of tea to your daily routine can make  an massive positive impact on your overall health.

Some facts to consider

Did you know  that every type of tea, except herbal tea, is brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia sinensis bush? It is the level of oxidation of the leaves that determines the type of tea…green, white, black….



As I’ve learned over the years, a premium tea can be described with an abundance of colourful and flavourful adjectives. It can have an aroma or a fragrance, an astringency,  it can be bright, brisk, or burnt! It can be grassy, harsh, malty or mellow….and the list goes on…but you know what else tea can be?

Tea is good for you!

 If you are trying to establish a healthy routine, or simply adding to an already established health routine these are the 2 teas you cannot do without:

Green Tea Ceremonia Dragonwell Green Tea

Green tea is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves  that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation applied when processing Camellia sinensis into oolong tea and black tea. It is for this reason that green tea is considered one of the most delicate and purest teas of all.


This category also includes Matcha tea as it is simply the green tea leaf, grown in shaded areas, harvested in a specific way, and then ground into powder.

Whereas green tea leaves are brewed, Matcha powder is completely ingested as it dissipates into the hot water. 


matchaA few of the ways research has shown green tea to be beneficial :

Here is a “superfood” solution for you if you want to regulate your blood sugar levels!

A powerful tea combination, found with Matcha , is the addition of the gymnema sylvestre plant. If you are struggling with keeping your blood-sugar AND cholesterol levels at bay, this is an option you will want to consider. The gymnema sylvestre’s potent anti-diabetic properties have been researched for years and the results have concluded it to be an effective natural blood sugar regulator, as well as a potent weapon in the fight against obesity. You can find a ceremonial grade Matcha Gymnema tea here.

What other tea can help our process towards better health?

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, also know as wulong tea, undergoes a unique oxidation process as it is withered under the sun before it is curled and twisted, usually by hand. As its leaves stem from the same plant as green tea, its benefits are very similar, with certain additions, thanks to the short oxidation process the leaves are put through during their preparation. Also, some tea goers prefer its lighter taste compared to the more herbaceous tasting green tea.

Milk Oolong Tea

The antioxidants produced through the process of preparing high quality Oolong tea are extremely beneficial to our bodies as these help fight free radicals and slow our body’s from aging at a cellular level.

So what other benefits does Oolong Tea have?

Want the best of both? 

A powerhouse combination of both teas can be found here. You’ll find this premium luxury blend to be just what you are looking for. The Premium Green-Oolong Slimming Tea contains a balanced amount of both Green and Oolong teas, and drinking 2-4 cups a day can be a real life changer for most men and women.

Why drink only up to 4 cups a day? FullSizeRender_4

Whatever the reasons you are drinking tea you still have to consider that both these teas contain caffeine.

Oolong tea contains between 50-75 mg of caffeine per cup, and a typical dose of caffeine is about 250 mg (5 cups of Oolong tea); so technically you can have 10 cups a day… but there may be side effects.

Green tea contains between 35-70 mg per cup.

In comparison an 8 oz. cup of regularly brewed coffee can contain between 150-200 mg per cup.

You don’t like tea?

I can understand that not everyone appreciates the taste of tea. The great thing about tea is that its varieties are numerous, and each has its distinct taste! For instance, milk oolong tea  is a naturally sweet, creamy tasting tea that most people who do not like tea, actually fall in love with! If you are uncertain, you can actually try a sample for an extremely low price here.

Or how about a naturally flavoured Matcha tea? You get all the health benefits of premium matcha tea with the addition of blueberry or vanilla flavours! An excellent choice if you don’t like the pure matcha! You can also add these in a smoothie and….voila, there is your dose of tea for the day!

Lastly, even if these solutions don’t work for you, I believe the effort is worth it! Take a look at the graph below.

The antioxidant levels of matcha tea far surpass those of many natural foods. 


How to choose a great quality tea

As you search the internet or store shelves you will literally find thousands of options of the teas I have mentioned in this blog. Green and Oolong teas can be found practically anywhere….but are they all offering equal quality? Absolutely not.

Would you believe that 77% of Teavana teas failed to meet European Union pesticide import standards? You’ll find genetically engineered corn as a filler, artificial flavours and colors, pesticides, potential allergens….See the tainted commercial brands here .

shutterstock_377704231.jpgYou should consider the following

  • Although a tea doesn’t have to necessarily be organic to be of good quality, you’ll certainly want one harvested at high altitudes. There is no need of pesticides at high altitudes and no risk of run-off waters from contaminated fields.
  • Buy loose leafs rather than in tea in bags. This will allow you  to see the tea before you brew it. Often times you’ll find tiny twigs or different quality leaves in a bag… and other tiny surprises.
  • Unless you are purchasing an herbal tea (not truly considered a tea as it does not contain camélia sinensis leaves), premium teas should not contain, and usually do not contain unnatural fruity flavours…

If you want to purchase a tea or tea blend that fulfils all of the above criteria you can do so by following this link. The Ingenium Naturals Luxury Teas are of the highest quality and the fact that these teas meet or exceed European Union Guidelines  says heaps about their quality.

A fundamental thing to remember when beginning a journey towards better healthy is that there is no miracle to getting fitter or healthier… but it all starts with the first step… let tea be your first step… let tea begin to guide your journey.

It’s ok to give into temptations sometimes….we don’t have to have an iron will all of the time. The important thing is getting back on track and balancing out our choices. Drinking more premium quality tea, especially matchas,  green or oolong teas,  is certainly a way you can achieve this!

Barbara C.

If you would like to try any of the teas mentioned in this post visit and use coupon code teas20 to receive an immediate 20% discount on your entire purchase. Free shipping on orders over 50$ and only a 7$ flat-rate shipping to the USA or Canada for all other amounts.

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